PreRolls (Cherry Wine)


All natural hemp flower grown locally on our Floyd, VA farm

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PreRolls of Cherry Wine Flower is grown right here on our Floyd, VA farm!

Made from a blend of Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife, the Cherry Wine hemp strain has an impressive CBD content of 23% with less than 0.3 percent THC. Even at extremely low doses, users can get an extremely relaxed vibe from these fruity flowers.

The two strains that make Cherry Wine are also famous indica-sativa hybrids on their own. Charlotte’s Cherries is a blend of Charlotte’s Web and Colorado Cherries. The Wife is a hybrid CBD strain of undisclosed genetics. Since both of these strains have a strong cherry flavor, the taste is extremely pronounced in the Cherry Wine strain.

Cherry Wine has been known to improve mood and mildly stimulate with its many terpenes and cannabinoids. The refreshing fruity flavor of this strain helps induce a state of calm that is comforting without couch locking the smoker.

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